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At Austin Medical Partners in Austin, TX we strongly believe that investing in your health, especially while you are healthy, is the best and least expensive route to staying healthy. When you wait to fix what’s wrong, costs can stack up. Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) or Concierge Care (CC) memberships provide you with options for how to best approach your healthcare within your budget.

Austin Medical Partners offers primary care exclusively via its membership-based medical practice in Austin, Texas. Enrollment in a membership plan is required for access to the clinic’s Direct Primary Care or Concierge Medicine services. A membership-based direct care model provides the foundation for a highly personalized and integrated approach to patient care. Below you will find details on pricing as well as services provided through each membership. For more information, we encourage you to read more about DPC and CC by clicking here or contacting our office today.


Direct Primary Care


  • Membership plans start at $100/month

  • Pricing is tiered as follows

    • 18 - 29 yo = $85/month

    • 30 - 39 yo = $100/month

    • 40 - 49 yo = $125/month

    • 50 - 59 yo = $150/month

    • 60 - 65 yo = $175/month

  • A three month minimum commitment is required with payment due at enrollment. Afterwards, membership fees may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually

  • *Available to any patients for whom we are out-of-network

  • *Not available to Medicare patients; Medicare regulations require enrollment in a Concierge Care/Concierge Medicine model

  • *If would like to use your insurance, please refer to the Concierge Care/Concierge Medicine model.


Concierge Care/Concierge Medicine


  • We offer two levels of service, depending on your particular needs and may include

    • Private entrance and waiting room

    • Home visits or visits at your office or workplace

    • Direct physician access after hours

  • Please call to discuss pricing


Weight Management Weight Loss



Call to discuss your specific plan which includes:

  • Initial medical & nutrition evaluation consisting of a 60 min assessment - $350

  • RMR/RER testing - $95

  • Optimal HR training zone for fat loss - $120

  • DEXA scanning - $80

  • Weight loss tracking

  • Body composition tracking

    • Lean body mass

    • % body fat

  • Ongoing nutrition counseling

    • frequency determined after initial eval

  • Medication assisted weight loss as clinically indicated

    • medically supervised weight loss and medications management

Exercise & Sports Performance Testing




  • VO2 Max testing

  • Aerobic Threshold - AeT

  • Anaerobic Threshold - AT

  • Optimal HR Training Zone

  • Recommendation to build exercise capacity

  • Recommendations for you, your trainer, nutritionist, or coaches.

DEXA Body Composition Analysis




  • Physician Interpretation

  • Body composition tracking

  • Lean body mass

  • % body fat

  • Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT) analysis with medical treatment recommendations

  • Regional body composition analysis

****Weight Management/Loss, Exercise & Sports Performance Testing, and DEXA Body Composition Analysis DOES NOT REQUIRE enrollment in our Direct Care membership plans. However, concurrent enrollment in our DPC and Concierge Medicine plans offers the most integrated and comprehensive approach to your weight loss, fitness, and health goals.

***Pricing is subject to review and adjustment per practice policy

You invest in your education, your friendships, your career, your relationships, your family….invest in your health….


…invest in yourself.

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